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Residential complex «Aurora»

Odessa region, Sauvignon residential area, Black sea shore Customer: «ART-NIKA» enterprise, «BuildPRO» Group Total area of the premises: 2 700 sq. m Quantity of floors: 3-4 Total cost of the project: $10 800 000 Project completed: 2009 year


Business center "Vorontsov"

Odessa, city center Customer: Enterprise «EKO-NIK» of «BuildPRO» Group Total area of the premises 10 000 sq. m. Total area of the territory: 5 130 sq. m. Quantity of floors: 7-11 Total cost of the project: $15 000 000 Planned term of construction: 2011-2014


Residential area «Marine Villas»

Odessa region, residential area Sauvignon Customer: «Marine Builder»Cooperative, Enterprise «BUDPROFI» The total space of houses: 86 000 sq. m. Total area of the territory: 227 000 sq. m. Quantity of floors: 2-3 Total cost of the project: $90 000 000 Completion of the project: 2013 year


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"BUILDPRO GROUP" Corporation is a group of private enterprises who areworking in the south of Ukraine. This group specializes on creation of residential and commercial real estate objects, starting from architectural ideas, projecting, construction and ending with putting the bouilding into commission and providing all necessary services.

Starting from 1999 the enterprises that are part of "BUILDPRO GROUP" Corporation have reconstructed several antique buildings in the historical center of Odessa City, built new objects, including the “Aurora” recreational complex designed for residence and recreation on the seashore of the Black Sea.

Our corporation is the only one in the south of Ukraine that carries out quality anti-landslide and bank protection projects on the shore of the Black Sea.

Currently enterprises of our corporation are finishing the second phase of construction of the “Aurora” recreational complex, as well as the suburban residential complex “Marine Villas”, which consists of individual residential houses with homestead land, two more recreational projects are planned to be constructed on the seashore near Odessa, as well as the “Vorontsov” business-center in the historical part of Odessa city.

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"BUILDPRO GROUP" Corporation includes a construction company, which holds a license for construction works and a building material plant, which specializes on producing materials with the usage of cellular polystyrene.

“BUILDPRO GROUP” also conducts projects of construction of the recreational object “Aurora” and a suburban residential complex “Marine Villas”.

The plant produces construction blocks of nonremovable casing made of cellular polystyrene according to the German technology “Plastbau” of reinforced concrete buildings and structures, as well as plates from cellular polystyrene which is used in winterization. The output capacity of the plant makes 1 076 391,04 sq. ft. Blocks per year and up to 322 917,31 sq. ft. of warmth insulation plates.

The products of the plant are used in construction of objects of the "BUILDPRO GROUP" Corporation; they are also supplied to construction objects of other companies.

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"BUILDPRO GROUP" Corporation offers a set of services for Ukrainian and foreign companies in the organization of commercial projects engaged in construction of objects of residential and commercial real estate.

The specialists of the corporation offer a full complex of services related to legalization of land for future construction of real estate objects as well as to issues of production and concordance of project documentation and obtainment of permits for construction work.

"BUILDPRO GROUP" Corporation also provides services in organization of construction work, takes upon functions of the customer of the general contractor for the construction and formalizes the setting of the object into operation.



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